Dear Member,

A quick update for what is going on at the course and clubhouse,

The greens at Z-nine have recently been top dressed – This is a sand and soil mix applied to the surface of the green, this helps reduce thatch build up by encouraging decomposition it also helps in turf recovery.  Be informed that the greens at Z nine will be quite slow for a couple of weeks.

Greens 16 and 18 at the old course are now open and ready for play. The renovated parts of the green are still very new, we aim to have the greens back to competition standard by the end of July.

Repairs to the new course cart path will be starting in the next couple of weeks; we plan to have the cart path fully repaired by December 2018.

Other course plans is to have the sand in the bunkers at Holes 12 and 13 replaced with the new sand that you see on holes 18 new course.

There have been a few complaints about the condition of the bunkers – Players have said that the condition of the bunkers is poor due to caddies not raking them after players have completed their shots. To help us at the Club, could you ensure that your caddie is doing their job of raking the bunkers, fixing pitch-marks and repairing your divots. On that note we are working on improving the workmanship of our caddies. We have our caddies undertaking training each week, also any caddie not seen doing their job up to the high standards that we are introducing they will be put on disciplinary action and also fined. We aim to bring a very high standard of caddying and offer you the member a good service.

Many members have been enquiring about the rules of golf, I will do my best to be available for rules enquiries but to help with rules decisions– I will be educating our course marshals and starters about the rules of golf, each month we will conduct a monthly rules test. This should help make rules decisions on course better, where the Marshal/starter will give a correct ruling.

Members and their guests have been asking about Women caddies, we have 67 active women caddies available, we aim to have 80 active women caddies by the end of fasting month. Women caddies can be requested for players Monday-Sunday please call the front desk reception for enquiries.

Our new website is now up, we are still in the early stages of development but we plan to have the site fully operational by the end of August. Please look it up at

Kind regards