The anniversary tournament had a great turnout of 141 players – all were up bright and early for a 7am shot gun start. It was a glorious day with clear blue skies and a slight breeze set for ideal scoring conditions.

The décor and ambience around the club was exciting with a delicious breakfast from our very own Batten Restaurant. Ibu Linda and her team served up a great meal and did a great job decorating the place with balloons and a wonderful floral arrangement with the help of Pak Chandra and his house keeping team. The club house looked spectacular.

Upon completion of the game, many members were impressed with the condition of the course and the speed of the greens. The greens were very fast and running very true – Hats off to the Green staff of Pak Monang and Pak Ujang and their team for doing such an excellent job in preparing the course in fantastic condition. Also thanks to Pak Ob Endang and his team for keeping the pace of play moving with a field at maximum capacity; helping players’ finish18 holes of play in 5 hours was a very impressive task!

The afternoon ceremony started with an opening speech from Pak Daya, who spoke about building on a very successful club and Jagorawi doing its best to ensure that members are happy with the course and facilities. For the candle blowing of the cake, it felt special to have Ibu Zakir join to celebrate our 39th Anniversary. A special thanks to Colette and Lola for the wonderful cake.

There were many trophies categories and presentations, which made for an exciting and cheerful celebration. Well done to all the winners as the field was filled with a lot of talent for these big achievements. Let’s recognize these players:

  • Ladies and Men’s nearest to the pin on hole 15
    • Won by Mr Asan Sunkono (260cm from the hole) and Mrs Ji Heang Jang (7.14cm from the hole)
  • Ladies and Men’s longest drive on hole 9
    • Won by Mr Jonathan Tanoto with a massive hit of 265 meters; he must be eating plenty of protein with a hit of that distance
    • Won by Mrs Huang Sun Yee with an impressive hit of 210 meters; perhaps they both should consider competing in the World long drive champs
  • Guest best Nett – Congratulations to all the gentlemen in this division.
    • Third place was Mr Robby Mustopo with a gross score of 78 and a Nett score of 71,
    • Second place was Mr Budi Mulya with a gross score of 77 and a Nett score of 70; and the
    • Winner was Mr William Adijaya with a hot round of 85 and a nett score of 63. What was more impressive was he came all the way from Lampung to play at Jagorawi for the 39th Anniversary.
  • Ladies Best Nett B – Congratulations to all the winners of these two ladies’ divisions.
    • Second place was Mrs Ji Heang Jang with a gross score of 100 and Nett 76; and the
    • Winner was Mrs Suriyani Nur Gresser with a gross score of 91 and a nett score of 74.
  • Ladies Best Nett A
    • Second place was Mrs Enilda Eva Wall with a gross score of 87 and a Nett score of 76; and the
    • Winner was Mrs Iris Rothenberg with a solid round of 86 and a nett score of 72.
  • Men’s best Nett B – There was very hot scoring on hand in this division with all top three place getters only being separated on a count back in.
    • Third place with a score of 88 and a Nett score of 70 Mr Honngo Karyono,
    • Second place with a score of gross score of 85 and Nett score of 70 Mr Johannes A Biljmer, and
    • The winner with a gross score of 88 and Nett score of 70 Mr Gouw Tjun Wie
  • Men’s best Nett A – Trophies were presented by owner of Jagorawi, Pak Made Zakir for the exception playing in this category. Two of the winners finished with nett scores in the sixties.
    • Third place with a gross score of 81 and a Nett score of 71 Mr. Dong Zheng followed,
    • Second place with a hot round of 76 and a Nett score of 69 Mr Harris Turino, and the
    • Winner with a blistering round of 79 and a nett score of 67 Mr Gede Merada.
  • Ladies and Men’s best gross – Trophies were presented by the owner of Jagorawi, Mr Daya Zakir.
    • For the ladies with a gross score of 85 Mrs Diana Soewandi; well done to her and congratulations as the field was stacked with many good players and competition was strong.
    • For the men with a very solid effort and a gross score of 73 Mr Onggo Widikdojo; a very good round considering the greens started to firm up towards the end which made scoring a little difficult.

The presentations ended with lucky draw prizes; thanks to our sponsors at Samsung and Club Med. Samsung supplied us with some great gadgets including the latest S9 hand phones and Club Med supplied us with a 4 day and 3 night trip to Tomanu in Japan. The Winner of the Club Med prize went to Mr David, a member’s guest of Pak Alwi. Fortunately for Mr David he was still in the club house so was able to collect his prize.

We really appreciate everyone coming and participating in the great 39th Anniversary event! Our next member’s guest event will be the Zakir Cup played on the old course on the July 22nd, which was moved forward from July 29th.

Men/ladies Longest Drive No.9 Men/ladies Nearest to Pin
From L to R: Mrs Huang Sun Yee, Derek Cribb and Mr Jonathan Tanoto From L to R: Mr Asan Sunkono, Derek Cribb and Mrs Ji Heang Jang


Ladies Best Nett B Winners Ladies Best Nett A Winners
From L to R: Mrs Suriyani Nur Gresser, Mrs Ji Heang Jang and Derek Cribb From L to R: Mrs Enilda Eva Wall, Mrs Iris Rothenberg and Derek Cribb


Men Best Nett B Winners Men Best Nett A Winners
From L to R: Mr Gouw Tjun Wie, Mr Johannes A Bijlmer and Mr Honggo Karyono From L to R: Mr Dong Zheng, Mr Harris Turino, Mr Made Zakir, Mr Gedes Merada


Guest Best Nett Winners Men/Ladies best Gross Winners
From L to R: Mr Robby Mustopo, Mr Budi Mulya, Mr William Adijaya From L to R: Mr Onggo Widikdojo, Mr Daya Zakir and Mrs Diana Soewandi