Independence Day – Member/Guest Tournament – New Course

19th August, 2018

Independence Day tournament had a good turnout. It was great to see Players and Staff wearing the Nations flag colors of RED and WHITE.

The Days play started at 7am at the New Course. One of our Members guests had a great time playing in his first tournament he was very excited to record his first eagle on hole number 10, A tidy little pitch shot into the hole from 60Meters, also joining for his first club Tournament was Director of Club-Med Mr Bruno Courbet, it was great to see him out there joining JGCC club events and also a big thank-you to his company for providing our Grand Lucky draw prize, a trip to stay 4 Days/3 Nights at one of their luxurious Resorts.

Also a Big thank you to Samsung another club sponsor, they continue to provide excellent products, service and great products for our club events.

The Days play went very smoothly with the first group of players in the club house by 11.30am and the last group in by 11.45am, the marshals/starters did a great job in keeping the field at a steady pace and completing the scoring.

There were many trophies categories and presentations, which made for an exciting and cheerful celebration.  Well done to all the winners as the field was filled with a lot of talent for these big achievements. Let’s recognize these players:

  • Ladies and Men’s nearest to the pin on hole #11
    • Men – Mr Sea Ho Lee     – 217cm
    • Ladies – Mrs Hyun Ju Kim – 356cm
  • Ladies and Men’s longest drive on hole #4
    • Men -Won by Mr Jonathan Tanoto with a massive hit of 280 meters.
    • Ladies -Won by Mrs Corrie Lawton with an impressive hit of 230 meters.
  • Nearest to the Flag #13 (winner received a Samsung Sound bar)
    • Mr Salusra Widjaya


Congratulations to all the winners of the Novelty prizes.

  • Guest Flight – Congratulations to all the gentlemen in this division.
    • Third Place : Mr Rahardi Rakimin      Gross 89 – Nett 73
    • Second place : Mr Hadi Kosasih          Gross 86 – Nett 72
    • Winner : Mr Eduardo                            Gross 86 – Nett 64
  • Ladies Best Nett B – Congratulations to the ladies in this division.
    • Second Place : Mrs Eun Ju Song Kim         Gross 91 – Nett 72
    • Winner : Mrs Sinta Lay                                  Gross 88 – Nett 72 (count back)
  • Ladies Best Nett A – Congratulations to the ladies in this division
    • Second place : Mrs Soon Jae Lee                      Gross 94 – Nett 80
    • Winner : Mrs Young Hwa Kim Lee                  Gross 88 – Nett 74
  • Senior Flight – Congratulations to the Men in this division
    • Second place : Mr Frank Moniaga                  Gross 103 – Nett 79
    • Winner : Mr Anton Lumy                                 Gross 100 – Nett 76
  • Men’s best Nett BCongratulations to the men in this division
    • Third place    : Mr Aldo Christian Sunkono              Gross 90 – Nett 69
    • Second place : Mr Gouw Tjun Wie                             Gross 89 – Nett 69 (count back)
    • The winner    : Dr FX Hendroyono                             Gross 89 – Nett 67
  • Men’s best Nett ATrophies were presented by owner of Jagorawi, Mr Daya Zakir.
    • Third place : Mr In O Jeong                                     Gross 79 – Nett 73
    • Second place : Mr Aditya Raman Tata                   Gross 84 – Nett 72
    • Winner : Mr Amrie Zainal Noor                              Gross 80 – Nett 70
  • Ladies and Men’s best grossTrophies were presented by the owner of Jagorawi, Mr Daya Zakir.
    • Ladies winner : Mrs Kim Young Mi                            Gross 90
    • Men’s winner : Mr Syahabudin H                               Gross 74 (count back)


Congratulations to the winners of the Best Gross

The presentations ended with lucky draw prizes; thanks to our sponsors at Samsung and Club Med. Samsung supplied us with some great gadgets including the latest S9 hand phones. The winner of the Samsung 55 inch TV was Mrs Diana Soewandi.

The Winner of the Club Med prize went to Mr Budiman Effendi, a member of JGCC

We really appreciate everyone coming and participating in the Independence Day Tournament!  Our next member’s guest event will be the Hotel Kempinski Cup held on the New course September 30th,


Nearest to the flag #13

From L to R: Mr Salusra Widjaya, Derek Cribb


Guest Flight Winners

From L to R: Derek Cribb, Mr Eduardo, Mr Hadi Kosasih, Mr Rahardi Rakimin


Ladies Best Nett B Winners

From L to R: Derek Cribb, Mrs Eun Ju Song Kim, Mrs Sinta Lay


Senior Flight – Winners

From L to R: Derek Cribb, Mr Anton Lumy, Mr Frank Moniaga


Ladies Best Nett A Winners

From L to R: Derek Cribb, Mrs Song Jae Lee, Mrs Young Hwa Kim Lee


Men Best Nett B Winners

From L to R: Mr Aldo Sunkono, Mr Gouw Tjun Wie, Dr FX Hendroyono.


Men Best Nett A Winners

From L to R: Derek Cribb, Mr Amrie Noor, Mr IN O Jeong, Mr Aditya Raman Tata


Men best Gross Winner

From L to R: Mr Daya Zakir, Mr Syahbudin H


Ladies best Gross Winner

From L to R: Mrs Kim Young Mi, Mr Daya Zakir


Winner – Samsung TV

From L to R: Mrs Diana Soewandi, Mr Daya Zakir


Winner – Club Med Voucher

From L to R: Mr Daya Zakir, Mr Budiman Effendi, Mr Bruno Courbet