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Club Etiquette & Common Courtesies
  1. Players are to reminded to observe common golf etiquette as stated in the "R & A rules of golf" (Section 1 Etiquette)
  2. Ensure at all times the safety of other players & caddies when taking "practice swings" in any area other than the Tee Box where practice swings are strictly prohibited.
  3. Maintain a high standard of Sportsmanship and respect for the Club Members, Guests & Employees alike. Uphold consideration for other players on the golf course at all times.
  4. Engage in and apply the "Rules of Golf" as approved by R & A Rules Limited alike. Where in doubt call upon the services of the Golf Club Captain, G.C. Operations Manager or the golf course marshal for assistance.
  5. Maintain a pace of play that doesn't hold up the rest of the field or unduly distract the other players on the golf course.
  6. Obey the Golf Course Marshals Instructions.
  7. Play ready Golf & be ready to hit when it's your Turn.
  8. Do not practice on the golf course by replaying additional shots.
  9. Observe the Golf Cart Rules and No Cart Area Signs on the Golf Course.
  10. Record Scores on the Next Tee.
  11. Be Courteous to Other Golfers.


No Player should play until the players in front are OUT OF RANGE.

Never Continue Play after the Play Stoppage Siren is heard! Never endanger the lives of your fellow players and Caddies.

Always announce your intention & play a provisional ball when you believe a ball to be lost outside a "water hazard" or "out of bounds".

While undertaking a 5 minute maximum ball search and identifying your ball allow the following players through.

Ensure your Caddie and/or parked Golf Car is positioned to maximize speed when departing from a Green to the following Tee Box.

No one flight shall exceed 4 players and each player must have his/her own set of Golf Clubs.

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The JGCC Policy towards Priority on the Golf Course

During Weekdays and Non-Public Holidays, players should observe common golf etiquette whereby a Two-Ball match may have precedence over and be entitled to pass any Three or Four-Ball matches. At any time a single player has no standing and should give way to a match of any kind.

During Weekends, Public Holidays & National Days all Members & Guests must adhere to the strict Policies of the Club regarding Bookings whereby:

The Members Course of the day, being that the "Old Course" or the "New Course" the Tee Times on both Tee Boxes will be on a "first come first serve" basis for the duration of the day.

The Members & Guests Course of the day shall make available to Members Tee # 1 between the hours of 05:52 - 07:52, on a "first come first serve" basis.

The Members & Guests Course of the day shall make available to Members with Guests (minimum 1 guest per flight & maximum 7) Tee box # 1 between the hours of 08:00 - Finish and Tee Box # 10 between the hours of 06:00 - Finish with Advanced Bookings in effect.

The Z-nine shall be utilized as an alternative course to assist the continuous flow of play or as preferred by the Members or Members & Guests. Recommendation for the Z-nine as a 1st Hole starting point or 10th Hole starting point shall be at the discretion of the Club.

All booking enquiries for the Members & Guests Course can be made up to 1 month in advance by Facsimile or Telephone to the Golf Club Reservations Desk. The reservations staff will advise on the availability of the requested Tee Times and on acknowledgement by the Club that the Tee Times have been accepted, a written confirmation must be received by the Golf Club immediately and cancellations received no later than:
1-2 Flights:48 hours before 12:00 noon the day of the reserved Tee Time
3 Flights:3 days before 12:00 noon the day of the reserved Tee Time
4 Flights:4 days before 12:00 noon the day of the reserved Tee Time
5 Flights:5 days before 12:00 noon the day of the reserved Tee Time
6 Flights:6 days before 12:00 noon the day of the reserved Tee Time
7 Flights:7 days before 12:00 noon the day of the reserved Tee Time
up until
22 Flights:22 days before 12:00 noon the day of the reserved Tee Time

Golf Tournaments may not be held on Saturdays, Public & National Holidays.

If a golf tournament is to be held it shall be announced at least 2 weeks prior to the date. Members that do not participate in the tournament may play at one of the other courses or wait until the conclusion of the tournament. 18-Hole Members may be required to wait until the completion of the tournament depending upon which course is closed or the tournament.

Members may make reservations at the members & guest course and bring a maximum of 7 guests per reservation. In order to make a reservation a single flight must consist of at least 3 players of which at least 1 must be a guest.

Members that reserve Tee Times for their guests may purchase & receive the starting chit before the arrival of the guests.

Members may pay in advance for fellow Members, but are not allowed receive a starting chit until the fellow Member is physically at the reception desk.

Guests that wish to only play 9 holes will be required to pay a full green fee.

Tee Time Bookings do not apply on Weekdays (other than Public & National Holidays) as all courses are available on a "first come first serve" basis.

Cancellation of reserved Tee Times within the stipulated period as mentioned above will not be subject to a Cancellation Fee.

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Policy towards Late Cancellation

Late cancellations will result in a charge of 2 Green Fees per flight cancelled.

"No Shows" will be charged a penalty of 2 Green Fees per flight reserved.

When a flight of 3 players is reserved & only 2 players arrive, 1 Full Green Fee must be paid.

Late Arrival: Each flight that arrives late will be charged 1 Full Green Fee per flight & will be required to wait for the next available Tee Time before starting.

All Penalty charges shall be Bourne to the Member who confirms the reservations.

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Rain Check

In the event that play is stopped due to bad weather or rain, any Guest players that complete 3 or fewer holes will be given a Rain Check. No cash refunds will be made. The Guest may return on another day & pay only the Caddie Fee.

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Special Permission

On occasion Members who wish to invite their special Guests to join them on the Members Course of the day, may do so by faxing a written request to the Golf Club no later than 3 days in advance. The approval or disapproval of any request is at the sole discretion of the Club.

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Club Policy to Member Playing Fees (outside of Tournaments)

If an 18-hole Member wants to play the New Course they must pay a Full Green Fee + Caddie Fee.

When the Members Course is the New Course, 18-hole Members must pay a Full Green Fee + Caddie Fee to play the New Course.

If an 18-hole Member wants to play the Z-nine, they must pay a Full Green Fee + Caddie Fee for 9-holes.

If a 36-hole Member wants to play at either the Old Course or the New Course they must pay a Caddie Fee Only.

If a 36-hole Member wants to play the Z-nine, they must pay a Full Green Fee + Caddie Fee for 9-holes.

A 45-hole Member pays a Caddie Fee only at any of the Course that they chose to play.

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Club Policy towards Unaccompanied Guests Players

Weekdays only excluding Public, National Holidays.

Members may sign an Introduction Letter that allows their guests to play at JGCC during the week without the Member being present. Guests will be charged at the higher Green Fee Rate in affect when the Member is not present.

Members are responsible for the conduct of their Guests. No charge facilities are to be made available to the Guest and payment for fees and food & beverage shall be strictly "cash on demand"

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Club Policy - Starting Format at the Members Course

The Members Course for the day shall be on a "first come first serve" basis. A minimum of 3 Members per flight must be physically present at the Tee Box and the Members must report to the Starter in order to be given a Tee Time. When there are less than 3 Members physically present, the Members name/s shall be placed on the waiting list. Only after there are at least 3 Members physically present shall the flight be given a Tee Time and placed on the starting board.

Only Players with an Official Handicap of 10 or better are permitted to play from the Blue or Championship Tees.

On Weekends and Public Holidays, No one flight may have a combined maximum handicap of more than 80. The starter reserves the right to relocate to another flight the highest handicap player of any flight that does not conform to this rule.

On Weekends & Public Holidays, flights of less than 3 players have no standing. Twosomes will be placed on the Waiting List for no less than 20 minutes while the starter attempts to pair them up with other players. If in 20 minutes the starter is unable to pair the waiting listed players, they may be allowed to be placed on the starting board and allowed to play when it is their Tee Time. After the completion of 9-holes, the starter has the authority to "pair-up" the twosome for the 2nd 9-holes.

Members may not refuse to be "Paired-Up" with other Members under any circumstances.

No Members shall have the right to directly Reprimand an Employee of the Club.

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Dress Code


On & Off the Golf Courses Members and their Guests shall at all times observe a reasonable, conservative standard of dress, having regard for tropical conditions, and shall not wear any garments likely to give offence to others.

Tailored Shorts, when worn, should not be shorter than 5 inches above the knees. Blue denim wears of any kind, tracksuits, athletic singlet / vests, running & tennis shorts are not permitted either on the golf courses or in any part of the golf club house (except tracksuits may be worn after playing tennis at the Jagorawi Tennis Courts).

Any Shirt worn by a person of age 12 years or more on the golf courses and around the club house must have a collar and sleeves (long or short).

Shirts must be worn inside the trousers / shorts at all times with the exception of Hawaiian style or Batik shirts and any other form of National Dress.

No hats, visors or caps are to be worn in any indoor area of the club house.

Shoes or dress sandals should not be removed in any public area of the clubhouse.

Swimming dress (including rubber thongs & singlet) shall not be worn in any part of the club premises other than the swimming pool area.

Shoes are to be worn at all times in all Public areas except the changing rooms and lockers. We do not permit Spikes to be worn on the golf courses or any part of the Clubhouse. Only golf shoes of a Soft Spikes variety are permitted.


Members and their Guests shall at all times observe a reasonable, conservative standard of dress, having regard for tropical conditions, and shall not wear any garments likely to give offence to others.

Shoes must be worn at all times, except in the swimming pool area. Footwear can only be changed in the changing / locker rooms.

No collarless T-shirts (unless 12 years of age or under).

Ladies may wear "T-shirt style" tops but not casual T-shirts without collars. Sleeveless golf shirts (worn tucked in) are permitted. Skirts must be no more than 5 inches above the knee.

No Blue Denim wears of any kind.

All as previously mentioned above.


All Members that play at other Golf Clubs are Ambassadors of Jagorawi and their actions and attire should comply with the Dress Code of that Club.

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Competition Rules

All Championships & Tournaments are to be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as Approved by R&A Rules Limited, and such other Local Rules as may be approved by the Committee.

All Competitors must be of Amateur Status as defined in the Rules of Golf.

All Competitors must be in good standing with the Club, have paid the Competition Entry Fee.

All participants must hold an Official Handicap.

The Maximum permitted Handicap for Competition shall be 24 for the Men and 28 for the Ladies. Where the Competition allows for Members to bring Guests to Participate, the Guests must hold a Current, Complying Handicap that has been officiated by the Club where He/She is a Member.

The make of the Ball and golf club equipments must conform to those brands complying with the Rules of Golf.

Players are to have reported to the Starter at least 15 minutes before the starting time and start play when instructed and where instructed by the Starter. The committee reserves the right to Fix or Alter the Starting Times. Late Entries are not accepted. When a player arrives late to the starting point, ready to play within 5 minutes after the starting time, in the absence of circumstances which warrant waiving the penalty of disqualification, the penalty for failing to start on time is 2 strokes or loss of the first hole. Thereafter the competitor shall be disqualified.

Slow Play is Not Accepted. After an Initial Warning a Player or Players adjudged to have committed any further offence will be penalized in accordance with Rule 6-7 of the Rules of Golf.

The use of a Professional Golfer or an Assistant Professional Golfer of whatsoever Status as a Caddie is not permitted at any time.

Ties shall be decided either on the last 18, 9, 6, 3 or 1 Hole, or in a Sudden Death Play-Off, or as the Committee may otherwise decide.

Players shall observe the Club Dress Code at all times both on and off the Golf Course.

Matters of Discipline and all other disputes shall be decided by the Committee (3 to form a quorum, one of whom shall be either the Club Captain or Vice Captain and the decision shall be final. The Committee reserves the right to refuse any competition entry without giving a reason and/or to alter, amend or vary at any time the condition or conditions of any event or competition organized or administered by the Club.

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Golf Cart Rules

Golf Carts are optional on the Z-nine and New Course.

The renter(s) of the Golf Cart is liable for all damages other than normal wear & tear of the vehicle.

At no time shall there be more than 2 players and 2 caddies with equipment on a golf cart. Never exceed the maximum load capacity of a golf cart.

Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to operate a golf cart.

Golf carts may not be used beyond the number of holes for which rented without first paying for the additional charge.

Golf carts must be returned promptly after completion of the round of golf.

The Park Break must always be engaged before leaving the golf cart.

Turn the key to the "off position" when parking the golf cart in the Club House Area.

Observe the cart instructions and operating rules and procedures posted in the front of the golf cart.

All charges for golf cart rental are per unit.

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Violation of Club Rules, Policies, Etiquette & Common Courtesies

In General it is the responsibility of the Members to obey all Club Etiquette & Common Courtesies, conduct oneself accordingly on the golf course and in the Club-house.

Member's Guests are the responsibility of the Member at all times and any reprimand that arises due to the Member's Guests Misconduct will be Bourne to the Member whether the Member is present or not.

When it is deemed that during a Club Event, the Rules of Golf have been intentionally broken to alter the outcome of the final result and when failure to observe Club Etiquette & Common Courtesies have threatened or endangered the safety of other Players, Guests, Caddies or JGCC Staff Members, the following sequence of reprimand will be in effect:

  • If any Member or Guest of a Member fails to observe the policies, rules and/or violates in any way the code of conduct or regulations of the Club or is prejudicial to the best interest of the Club. The Member will be reprimanded by the Club Captain or in his absence The Vice Club Captain in writing no later than 1 (one) month after the violation.
  • Depending on the severity of the violation, the Club Captain reserves the right to decide whether to warn, place on probation, suspend or expel from the Club those Members found guilty of misconduct.
  • Violation of Club Etiquette and Common Courtesies will result in the issue of a Warning Letter.
  • A second warning letter issued within 3 months of the first violation will result in a 1 month suspension and 6 month probation.
  • Further violation within the probation period will result in a 1 year suspension.

Where threatening or endangering the safety of another player, caddie or Club Employee is Involved and could have been avoided, immediate issuing of a 3 month suspension with 6 month probation period thereafter.

Further violation within the probation period will result in a 1 year suspension.

Any Member found in Violation of having been previously suspended, regardless of the time since suspension, will receive an additional 1 year suspension. A third such violation will result in permanent Banishment from the Club.

There shall be no return of paid dues or fees of any kind on behalf of the Club when a Member has been banished due to misconduct.

During a probation or suspension period, the Member must continue to make payments of Annual Dues or Fees before the due dates as stated by the Club.

Before taking such actions that result in the Probation, Suspension or Banishment of a Member, a written copy of the charges must be served upon the Member and an opportunity given to the Member to be heard in writing or before the Club Committee in defense.

A motion to reconsider the suspension or expulsion of a Member may be made at the next regular Committee Meeting, but not thereafter.

Any Member so expelled and during suspension, shall be refused admittance to the Golf Course, Club-house and grounds and denied all privileges of Club Membership.

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