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Pro Tip of the Month

Does your game need a little help? No matter how good a golfer a person is, we all can use a good tip now and then. Some of us more "now" than "then"! Our CPGA golf pro gives every month a Tip of the Month. So browse through these free golf tips to find some great pointers:

Sep 2014 Putting - unwanted wrist action through impact
Mar 2014 Better Pitching
Nov 2013 Recapturing your Feel and Swing
Jun 2013 Pitching
May 2013 Creating more Club-Head Speed
Jan 2013 Greenside Bunker Play
Dec 2012 Side Hill Lies
Oct 2012 Chipping
Sep 2012 Increase Distance
Jun 2012 The "Flop Shot"
May 2012 Aim
Mar 2012 Consistent Pre-Shot routine
Dec 2011 Stay centered for better contact
Nov 2011 Pitching from Rough to Green
Sep 2011 Roll the Feet Drill
Jul 2011 Fat Shots
Jun 2011 Posture
May 2011 Putting - Distance Control
Apr 2011 Anti-Slice Drill
Mar 2011 Sponge-Gripp Drill
Feb 2011 Pre-Shot Routine
Jan 2011 Ring of Fire Drill
Dec 2010 Shaft to Shoulder Drill
Nov 2010 Putting
Oct 2010 Grip-Pressure Drill
Sep 2010 Deep Breathing Drill
Aug 2010 Physical conditioning
Jun 2010 The Golf Grip
May 2010 Develop a better golfing posture

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